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Investment approach

Truffle’s investment capabilities span equity, fixed income, and multi-asset portfolios.

Our investment team follows a fundamental, valuation-based philosophy and disciplined investment process. This is coupled with a rigorous risk management approach which provides investors with sustainable and reliable investment returns.

Fund range

Our carefully selected range of funds target different investment objectives and are exposed to different levels of risk. Click on each fund name to read more.

*The SCI acronym in the above funds refers to Sanlam Collective Investments.

*The SCI acronym in the above funds refers to Sanlam Collective Investments.

Invest through a platform

Truffle’s unit trust funds are available on several investment platforms.

Platform availability

Institutional offering

Truffle’s institutional offering enables pension funds, asset consultants, high net worth individuals and family offices to tailor their investment strategy. These strategies give investors access to our fundamental valuation-based philosophy which is backed by a rigorous process and team-based approach. By applying this methodology to our bespoke portfolios, Truffle is able to meet client’s desired financial objectives while actively managing downside risk.

Targeted Return
Risk Profile


Our philosophy is based on the belief that the market is efficient at valuing companies over the long-term but inefficient over the short term.

As active investment managers, we see an opportunity to exploit the inefficiencies between current price and long-term value. These inefficiencies are not obvious and can be difficult to identify, however, with an experienced team and a rigorous, robust process, it is achievable. Truffle implements one philosophy across the business, and we remain committed to this philosophy through short term market cycles.


Our process centres around understanding and comparing a company’s intrinsic value to its current price.

We estimate the intrinsic value and then determine if a share is trading at a premium or discount based on our research and analysis. This includes evaluating a company’s historic financial performance, industry data, competitor information, and how the market is pricing the share relative to meaningful metrics.

Risk management

We spend a significant amount of time focusing on potential downside risks and understanding the implications of an incorrect outcome.

The risk associated with an intrinsic value is as important as our expected return in making an investment decision.

Portfolio positions

Our portfolio positions are a function of the determined expected returns, intrinsic value conviction, and any risks we have identified through our risk management process.

Portfolios are monitored daily and adjusted on a dynamic basis. Our process is not dependent on short term economic projections which are notoriously difficult to forecast.

Who we are and how we approach investing makes Truffle unique.

Truffle has a select range of investments focused on achieving consistent results.

We aim to keep investors informed on our current thinking.