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Frequently asked questions

When are the Minimum Disclosure Documents (fund fact sheets) updated?

By the end of the 3rd week of the following month.

Where do I send requests for statements and client authorities for information?

For clients invested in our SCI Funds, please email

For clients invested in the Nedgroup Investments funds that we manage, please email

Alternatively, email for assistance.

How long does it take to withdraw funds?

Provided that the instruction is received before the 3pm cut-off, the funds will be available in your account within 48 hours.

Will I pay penalties if I want to change or cancel my investment?

No. There are no penalties or costs when withdrawing or cancelling your investment. You can change, stop, and restart your debit order whenever you need to, at no extra cost.

How do I know which is the suitable fund for me?

The fund which is suitable for you is dictated by your individual investment and savings goals, your risk appetite, and your investment time horizon.

If you are not comfortable making your own investment decisions, you may wish to speak to a qualified independent financial adviser who may assist you with your financial plan and provide appropriate advice.

What is the minimum amount for an individual client investment?

If you access the Truffle funds directly, the minimum investment amount is R10 000.00 (lump sum), and the minimum debit order is R500.00 per month.

If you access our funds through an investment platform, also known as a Linked Investment Service Provider (LISP), the LISP minimums would apply. Click here to view the platforms on which our funds are available.

What is a unit trust?

A unit trust is the pooled money of many investors that is invested in the financial markets through a single collective investment scheme (CIS).

On which LISP platforms can I access the Truffle funds?

See the comprehensive list of platform availability here.

What does it cost to invest in a Truffle fund?

The fees and charges depend on the unit trust selected.

The investment management and administration fees are charged inside our unit trusts and deducted before we publish the fund’s performance. This means that no fees are deducted from your initial investment. The return you see on the fund fact sheet is what you get as the investor.

Where can I view the daily prices of the funds?

For all Truffle funds, you may find the daily prices here.