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Truffle SCI*
Income Plus Fund

Full basis and award details available on request from the manager.




Fund Size



Annualized Return Since Inception*



Risk Profile

Fund Overview

Investment Strategy

An actively managed fund of fixed income securities including corporate and government bonds.

This fund aims to achieve higher yields of income than money market portfolios, while focusing on preserving capital.

Why choose this fund?
  1. Invests in a wide range of fixed income instruments.
  2. The fund is actively managed through changing market cycles.
  3. Capital protection is the central focus.
Portfolio Managers
Head of Fixed Income & Director

Hannes van der Westhuyzen


Hannes co-founded Truffle in 2008 with Louis van der Merwe. He began his career at RMB in 1989 on the money market desk where he was instrumental in starting the forward rate agreement market in South Africa. Hannes then joined the stockbroking company Huysamer Stals, where he became a director and specialised in trading hybrid instruments between equity and the interest rate markets. In 1996, Hannes was approached by start-up company Mettle (Boland Financial Services) to take on the role of treasury specialist. This involved a close working relationship with Boland Bank and in 1997, he was asked to take over as Treasurer of Boland Bank. Through takeovers and mergers, Hannes became the Treasurer of NBS Boland Bank (later BoE Bank), which was taken over by Nedbank in 2003. In 2005, Hannes was appointed Head of Global Markets and an EXCO member of Nedbank Capital.

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Raihan Allie

B.Bus.Sci. (Hons) Finance & Economics, CFA

Raihan joined Truffle in 2023 as a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager. Raihan worked at RECM as an Institutional Portfolio Administrator after previously working at the global financial services entity, State Street. His responsibilities included fixed income analysis, implementation, and management of their money market fund.

Fund Details

STeFI Composite ZAR


22 September 2016

Fund Inception Date


Income Distribution

South African - Interest Bearing - Short Term

ASISA Fund Classification

1 - 2 years

Ideal Investment Timeframe


Portfolio Valuation Time

ZAR 500

Minimum Monthly Investment

ZAR 10 000

Minimum Lump Sum Investment




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Returns are as of 31 March 2024.
Sector: (ASISA) South African – Interest Bearing – Short Term
Performance data source: © Morningstar.


Highest Annual Return

Since Inception to 31 December 2023


Lowest Annual Return

Since Inception to 31 December 2023

Annualized return is the weighted average compound growth rate over the performance period measured.
Investment performance is for illustrative purposes only. Investment performance is calculated by taking the fees into account and income is reinvestment on the reinvestment date. Investment growth is for the amount of R10 000 since inception of the fund.
The value of investments, as well as any income earned from them, might decline as well as rise. Historical performance is not a predictor of future outcomes. If the currency displayed differs from your local currency, currency movements may cause returns to rise or decrease. Investment objectives and performance targets may not be met, and losses may occur. We advise you to obtain independent financial counsel to ensure that this Fund is appropriate for your investing needs. Performance is not given for share classes that have been in existence for less than 12 months. No assurance is made that any investment will or is likely to produce profits or losses comparable to those obtained in the past, or that losses will be avoided. When compared to other performance charts or marketing material, the charts presented may utilize various Sector performance start dates, resulting in slight discrepancies.

Fund Statistics


Running Yield


Modified Duration

Data for 1 month ended 31 March 2024.
Data source: Truffle Asset Management.

Portfolio Positioning

No Data Found

Data as of 31 March 2024.
Data source: © Morningstar.

Fees & Charges



Maximum Initial Advice Fee



Maximum Annual Advice Fee



Manager Annual Fee



Total Expense Ratio (TER)



Transaction Costs (TC)



Total Investment Charges (TIC)

All charges and fees are VAT inclusive for the A class.
TER measurement period: 01 January 2021 to 31 December 2023.