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Looking beyond the world of today.

Truffle is a specialist independent investment manager with a focused selection of funds across equity, fixed income, and multi-asset strategies. Our highly experienced investment professionals hold diverse and complementary skills contributing to our team-based approach.

A fundamental, valuation-based investment philosophy guides our investment process and agile decision-making enables us to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise. Above all, Truffle is dedicated to finding the best way to invest our clients’ money, to achieve their desired investment objectives.

The value of experience – the foundation of our business and our clients’ investment success.

We believe experience provides perspective, uncovers opportunities, and guards against risk.

At Truffle, we harness the value of our collective experience and cumulative insights.

This allows us to offer:

The value of experience across our team, enabling us to embrace diversity, to learn from one another, and from past decisions.
The value of experience in growing our clients’ investments across different markets and investment cycles.

Invest with purpose, invest in a Truffle fund.

Benefit from our investment experience through our range of funds which target different investment objectives and are exposed to varying levels of risk. Meeting our clients’ individual needs is the sole purpose of our products.

Partner with us to tailor a specific mandate with specific investment outcomes.

Whether you’re an asset consultant, a large institutional investor or a high-net-worth individual who benefits from the advice of a trusted professional – we have a solution for you.

Ready to invest?

Invest in a Truffle fund easily and efficiently.

Truffle’s focused range of unit trust funds are available on several investment platforms.

Who we are and how we approach investing makes Truffle unique.

Truffle has a select range of investments focused on achieving consistent results.

We aim to keep investors informed on our current thinking.